Nambia Master Tracker
/Ui-G/aqo, Namibia’s top Master Tracker

Rock Fig Roots

EcoScience Trails

Discovery Trails, in liaison with natural scientists at local universities in a range of disciplines such as ornithology, geology, botany, zoology, entomology and anthropology, can offer customised EcoScience Trails in Makuleke.

These are distinctly immersive programmes for the wildlife connoisseur. They involve a combination of presentations, discussions and illustrative field excursions including – for the sake of a bit of exercise and good game encounters – walking trails.

The Return of the Bushmen

The Art of Tracking = the Origin of Science (Louis Liebenberg).

History will be made in mid-2018 when Bushmen walk the Kruger savanna for the first time since they were displaced from the Lowveld several hundred years ago. Not just any Bushmen, but members of the Ju/'hoansi from the remote Nyae Nyae Conservancy in Namibia, the last group in the whole of Southern Africa still allowed to hunt in the traditional way. And the last of the 'endurance hunters'. Not any Ju/'hoansi, but two of the only three recognised Master Trackers in the country, including the best of them all, the formidable /Ui-G/aqo/ (pictured alongside).

The trails, the first in Makuleke, followed by two in the Nyalaland wilderness area of the Kruger Park itself (under the auspices of SANParks), will adopt the well-settled magic formula of allowing participants to engage with all aspects of the environment, from rocks to plants to creatures great and small, but now with a special focus on tracks and tracking. Campfire evenings will be opportunities to hear Bushmen stories - of which there is an endless supply. Makuleke has a few modest Bushmen rock art sites, Nyalaland some notable ones.

Only four places per trail are available. (There will be two trail guides alongside the trackers, plus a documentary film-maker, plus an archeologist for the Nyalaland trails.) Expressions of interest can be submitted to enquiries@discovery-trails.org.

Eco Science Trail

Elephant encounters with Michelle Henley

For those wanting a trail experience with a deep focus on elephants, Michelle Henley can take you there. Her time and a few other things considered, we can craft a bespoke learning experience in the wilds: education plus observation. Let us know, and we'll take it from there.

Michell has worked in the areas of elephant ecology, behaviour and reproductive physiology for some 20 years. After completing her PhD on the sex- and age-related feeding distinctions in the African elephant, she was appointed Programme Co-ordinator and Research Ecologist of Save the Elephants – South Africa. For the past ten years she has monitored elephant movements and their social interactions by means of an identification study and habitat selection throughout the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, straddling South-Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. She has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, popular publications and has contributed towards various books. She has written and illustrated children’s books on elephant conservation related topics, a subject which lies close to her heart.

Bushmen Tracker Trail Dates and Prices

30 June - 5 July 2018:

A wilderness walk with Bushmen in Makuleke, with a focus on tracks, tracking and Bushmen lore. Cost for six days/five nights: R16,500 per person.

8 - 11 July: Walk the Nyalaland Wilderness Trail in Kruger itself, just south of the Luvuvhu River, with the trackers, Kruger guides and a Bushman archeology specialist.

11 - 14 July: A second Nyalaland Trail, as before. Cost for each of the four days/three nights Nyalaland Trails: R8,550 per person.

Prices have been set to cover the standard costs of a wilderness trail plus the costs of travel (road and air) and medical insurance for the Bushmen trackers, and a contribution to the Nyae Nyae communities via the Nanofasa Conservation Foundation. The Foundation supports The Barefoot Academy.

Bull Elephant Encounter, Bruce near Mangeba

Astronomy in the wilderness

We can set this up for you at Bush House.  Nothing quite like the austral sky come night time. Please contact us to arrange this illuminating experience.

astronomy in the wilderness

Spotting Wildlife in Kruger National Park